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— Abby, Student
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Our Mission

The Phoenix Project strives to bring trauma-informed classes to those who otherwise would not have access to yoga services. We believe that everyone in the Memphis community should be able to receive the healing benefits of a yoga practice, free of charge.

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Our Programs

The Phoenix Project is still growing in the Memphis community. Our ultimate goal is to expand into other populations at high risk for chronic stress and PTSD. Click the link below to learn more about our current services and the future programs The Phoenix Project hopes to launch.


Why Yoga?


Mental benefits

Yoga has been found to help people sleep better, thus increasing energy levels. Yoga also helps to improve self-esteem and alter negative thought patterns.


Emotional benefits

Yoga may help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins into the brain that improve mood. It has also been found beneficial in treating symptoms of PTSD and chronic stress.


physical benefits

Yoga not only may increase flexibility, thus reducing the chance of injury, but can also improve circulatory and cardio health as well as increase muscle tone and strength.


The Body Keeps the Score

June 2019

“Having done years of talk therapy, I thought I had moved past my trauma. After one trauma-informed yoga class, however, I knew my body was still holding onto more than I realized.”

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Caroline schratz - Founder & Teacher

Caroline Schratz, MS, 200-RYT, 140-TSY is a mental health counselor in Memphis, Tennessee. She began her personal yoga journey over 6 years ago and quickly bloomed into pursuing Yoga Teacher Training. Caroline realized that many of the yogic teachings and philosophy aligned with her therapeutic theory in counseling, and began using yoga with clients to assist in their mental and emotional well-being. Caroline’s passion for helping people heal through yoga is the foundation of her practice, and she specializes in using yoga therapy as a healing modality for anxiety, depression, trauma, and generalized stress.


Kristi nobbman - cofounder & classroom helper

Kristi Nobbman, PhD, tLPC-MHSP, NCC is a mental health counselor in Memphis, TN. She has experience working in schools and in the community with children, adolescents, and adults who seek help to attain goals related to relationship/family conflict, past and present trauma, substance use issues, education and career choices, depression, and anxiety. In her free time, Kristi enjoys reading, gardening, and practicing yoga.


Get Involved

The Phoenix Project relies on the generous support from our donors and volunteers to bring free yoga to the Memphis community. With your help, we can provide our students with the healing they need and deserve.


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If you’re a student interested in signing up for one of our classes in the community, click below to explore some of our currently offered services.

Volunteer opportunities

If you are interested in donating your time to The Phoenix Project, please follow the link below to check our current volunteer opportunities.

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The Phoenix Project operates solely on gifted contributions to fund our classes. Your donation provides our students with yoga mats and various props.